pepe maina – etheric anomalies

Artist: pepe maina
Title: etheric anomalies
Format: CD
Keywords: instrumental, world, ambient,progressive
Reviewer: Furchick

iTunes just asked me if I want to download these tracks into my library.

No I don’t.

Technically perfect and accomplished musicians for sure but this double album is something I have sat on for ages struggling with what to say.

The inside cover is a dead give-away that they want to be seen as a peer to Popolvuh and Can with a poster reproduced featuring their name alongside these greats.

Its progressive music and I feel like I am riding a bike in a frilly white dress and its the 70s and my non existent long hair is flowing in the breeze. Maybe its a sound track for an ad for panty liners?

Not my cup of tea, but if you like harmonics notes on acoustic guitar and birdie sounds by flutes you might love it. Maybe if you are lying on the lawn on a chill day this is for you.

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