Sack & Flim – Zeitloopen

Artist: Sack & Flim
Title: Zeitloopen
Cat: (PH15)
Format: Tape cassette
Keywords: dresden experimental köln avantegardeHallsville
Label: Powdered Hearts label
Reviewer: Furchick

Lets start with the A side.

Straight up at the first track I am intrigued. I look it up… ALTER MANN JUNGE FRAU. Old man young woman. Gorgeous vocals and keyboards, backed up with some heavy sound samples (?) A sadness resonates in this sweet short track. A great start to a story maybe?

And then it happens… each day more beautiful… JEDER TAG SCHOONER TAG. a cacophony of layers of sounds with keys and vocals out front. This is a confusing track in that I am trying to listen to several layers at once. It is playful and silly and ends in a giggle which is perfect for the track.

LIEBER HARALD LIEBER ENRICO .. a track for dear friends and for us dear friends. Some jumping stereo in here keeps me on my toes and I imagine Harald and Enrico are having a drive and are happy today. They have their own separate journeys in the various polyrhythms. This is very pretty, but then it isn’t. It seems kind of warped…. but in a good way.

Luckily there is a B side because I want to hear more. These tracks are short and leave you wanting more, which of course is a good thing.

The B side is darker and stranger. I liked this but felt that the pitch shifter could have been pulled back a little bit. New title old wounds … NEUER TITEL ALTE WUNDEN…. The ending is very quiet and I gather the pain of the wounds reopened have been healed or accepted. ALLE MENSCHEN ALLE TOENE had very dark undertones to it too and fits well with the first track.

Last up was ACHT WOCHEN ZWEI LEBEN. This was in a very dark place too, but more to my liking. It is heavily layered with a great range of frequencies playing off each other. I listened and then translated and the high and low frequencies may have represented the two lives in the 8 weeks the song is about. It felt like one was tormented yet having a great time with it. I loved this track and it was a great way to end.

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