Resource Group – Resource Group

Artist: Resource Group
Title:resource Group
Keywords:punk rock businessman incorporated weird Los Angeles

Resource Group hangs clearly on a fine repetitive form of lunacy. Throwing in some spicy fire starter material in a uplifting rock bottom way with voices that are spicy enough to keep you going. It’s as if they have been working at the office just a tit to long & now have reached their peek of work; ready to dance on their desk, bark out their lunacy while chasing loyal employers and top officials with their sublime short lived edginess.

They are the kind of mental group that puts laxatives in the local coffee pot, wear weird frowns on their heads as they chase anyone who is sane through the The buildings like loyal quirky psychopaths. It’s all about their research and the effects that they have upon their subjects; what a lot of fun to drive the company into the abyss of nasty craziness.

So you either run away, be chased by their twisted looks or accept their poisonous apples; see their beauty and join their ranks by dancing and singing along in perfect harmony. Enjoying the resource group won’t harm you, or does it?

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