Vomir | Druuna Jaguar – limited edition split cassette

Artist: Vomir | Druuna Jaguar
Title: limited edition split cassette
Keywords:experimental france hnw paris drone harshnoiseharshnoisewall no-input mixer noise power electronicsÉvora Evora
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Vomir really rules the tracks titled ‘untitled’ like no one else. Vomir is the master occupier of these untitled tracks by filling them up with the most impressive Harsh Noise Walls out there. Vomir has tracks that aren’t titled untitled, but in general the ‘untitled’ tracks feel more like the authentic real thing hibg; clean and to the point, no distractions that might inspire or give ideas. It’s now going so far that if I would come across any ‘untitled’ work I would automatically think of Vomir. Add this to the fact that I think of Vomir when putting the garbage out in the black bin bag & you know that Vomir is doing something right in the name branding department.

Anyway, the untitled track delivered here together on a split release with Druuna Jaguar is no exception of Vomir claiming the title with its own style of material. Vomir crunches away in a thick and fancy fashion, creates a obese wall so to speak; loud and bold and very much filling up the untitled area like a occupier that is claiming his territory. In the future all ‘untitled’ tracks would be for Vomir, anyone else having untitled tracks should be overdubbed with Vomir’s greatest untitled hits.

With great respect Druuna Jaguar has given its contribution to the split a serious sounding title. ‘Continuous failures in the collision of fragments’ is what it is called & might surprise the listener in its contrast in sound compared to teammate Vomir. Where Vomir’s untitled is loud and in your face Druuna Jaguar’s contribution is sounding much more subtle. In fact you might want to adjust your speakers to a more appropriate LOUDER volume to completely enjoy the work.

It’s deeply bass orientated, providing this fragile sounding low lying material that feels like it had been made to give you the feeling of being under the ground. A nice place in which all is muffled, cozy and safe & yet might be the place where earthquakes start. To get both these sound experiences into your own ears you can visit the following link and check the split out:

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