Сольвычегодск – Общество партитурных гармоний

Artist: Сольвычегодск
Title: Общество партитурных гармоний
Keywords: punk ambient black metal bêtenoire free jazzgrunge improvisation la noire noir noire peste noire post-hardcore regressive spoken word Russia

Сольвычегодск is delivering not your average free jazz session, this project brings a psychedelic hearing adventure with Russian wordplay and weird atmospheric happenings. It’s hard to tell what’s going on or how things are perceived as the music captured on this album named ‘Общество партитурных гармоний’ is probably doing tricky tricks within the individual minds that are exposed to it.

For me personally I had visions of old men blowing their noses, strange animals walking around on bouncy shoes in old fashioned pants, a slow fanfare of coffins carried by skeletons dressed in suits, a drunken ride on the back of a intoxicated bumble bee, a funnily humored hyena laughing in a tissue, air alarms, lounging romantic elephants in classy moods, underwater deep sea submarine card game gamers, lazy afternoons with vodka shots… but hey, you might just hear free jazz! https://svch.bandcamp.com

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