Nick Morgan – Guitar Noise

Artist: Nick Morgan
Title: Guitar Noise
Keywords: alternative garagerock indie stoner rock rockstoner rock amateur metal amateur rock garage rockgaragerock indie rock progressive weird Nelson
Reviewer: Willem van O.

Titles like the one for this album by Nick Morgan named ‘Guitar Noise’ always turns me in a five year old who asks too many questions… questions like; what is noise? What is a guitar? And what is the combination of them two together? Is sound noise? Is noise sound? Is a guitar being played noise, or is it perhaps music? What is love? baby don’t hurt me… don’t hurt me – no more.

I don’t think there is anyone I could shoot all these annoying questions at, so I just put them here for all of us to think about. How lovely the readable food for thought is, something to get philosophical for… but not now… we got a write up to read for this fine listenable album…

Listening to this ‘Guitar Noise’ just makes me think that I’ve been tricked a bit. Somehow I was really expecting to hear a guitar being shred to pieces, somehow the music instrument becoming a noised up mash that has no melody, guitar stroke or any references to what a person would think a guitar would normally sound like. Somehow I would think ‘guitar noise’ would be the recorded act of smacking a guitar on someone’s head. Wouldn’t that sound great? The cracking wood and sound of a skull? The strings breaking under the sweet tension? The amazing noises that it all generates? But I get it, ‘guitar noise’ can be made in all different ways and forms; looking at the front cover of this release I feel like there might have been a chance that the release would at least feature one noise recording of a guitar burning away as wood in a campfire…

But the ‘Guitar Noise’ by Nick Morgan does not do or give any of that, instead of proving the suspected noises that the title and front cover made me think of, it made me question my knowledge of noise and guitar & sound in general.

The happy thought is that even though expecting a undefinable blast of abstract guitar noise (which you won’t be able to find over here) the actual guitar music is pretty much material to taken in by. In all honesty if it was advertised as ‘Guitar Music’ I would have probably missed out on it, which (considering how nicely enjoyable it is) would have been a real shame. Also you might have been missing out on it too, as I would probably not write about it in such a bad communicative form.

Get informed people!

This album is music made with guitar (and drums?) and you can really hear that the composing musician really had a joy making it. In all sincerity, the melodies are clearly coming from someone who loves to make them & the result is a superb fine listenable album that could be enjoyed (unlike that noise) by the entire family. Lovely stuff! Check it out over at the following link:

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One Response to Nick Morgan – Guitar Noise

  1. Nick Morgan says:

    hahah Great review man! Is there anyway I can contact you? I’m working on a new album and I’d love you to be the first to hear it!

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