Robocopp – Disc 3 (EP

Artist: Robocopp
Title: Disc 3 (EP)
Keywords: experimental alternative avant-garde electronicelectropunk experimental experimental electronicmashup noise punk remix weird Toronto
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Robocopp has been living unquietly, walking through buildings, stealing the most annoying music bits and pieces, laser beaming them all together with its half human / half robot brain and using it as a nick-nack-tally-wack weapon to drive friends and frenemies over the edge. Probably only attracting other robot humanoids high on motor oil, preferably integrated with a high resistance for insane making audio culture snippets, a thing that makes it easier for them to jump on board and fall into a fancy freaky robo-human dance.

It’s a party, that’s for sure, but not for the average human neighbors that like their peace and quiet; Robocopp will hold down a sample just a bit longer than usually excepted, making housing prices go down, people moving out, or simply let them spontaneously combust through extra dense exposure to this nutty Robocopp record! Next to driving humans insane, wishing them to have their ears replaced with computerized pieces of bullet & audio proof plastic; Disc 3 seems to be made for dancing!

There is lots of drums, rhythm among the lunacy. It might even shock you how un-robotic it sounds; no militant police cop rhythmic sessions over here, more crack-house freestyle party weirdness to pull your hairs out with. It is fun, but you got to be in the mood and into it; so as a average human writing to other humans; best to get some screws to screw you up, sip a bit of mind altering / subduing motor oil before jumping on board this not so secret Robocopp weapon of mass-lunacy:

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