Astral Vomit – Summer is Coming

Artist: Astral Vomit
Title: Summer is Coming
Keywords: noise, harsh noise

I feel that Astral Vomit is channeling the inner weather channel person. Telling us through audio what we soon can expect weather-wise. Apparently Summer is coming and somehow it’s going to sting heavily. It’s best to prepare a ton of suncream to protect yourself as these upcoming rays of sunshine might fry your skin up like a battered lamb chop above a hot burning flame. But don’t worry there will be a cool breeze available; probably wearing a cool pair of sunglasses, checking out your summer outfit from toe to ear.

Glorious or in this case ‘gloriuos’ is also something to be reckoned with in the upcoming weather predicament. It also has something sunny, but feels so sharp and harsh that you might as well put the suncream in your ears as somehow these weather predictions might just burn your brains out if not protected.

I’m not sure what the ‘Indecent Track’ is about, but I suspect it’s about a specific part of a nude beach with a indecent crowd. Hearing the material it’s all about nudity, but also about ripping clothes off. You could hear the sound of ripped clothing and it’s sexy as hell. In fact it sounds probably so nice that no one would love the ripping off the clothes part to end.

In the upcoming summer the sun might be so harsh that your brain will boil itself like an egg. A happening that might possible trigger some visions with ugly music. Music is a big word, but visions are large and broad & ready for whatever your head will come up with. In the case of Astral Vomit’s prediction it’s ugliness is rather pretty. Or perhaps it’s so ugly that it becomes pretty again; in any case, it’s a bit like the beast in ‘beauty in the beast’, it might sound horrific, but if you peek through it it’s a handsome piece of work!

To top all these predicted weather times off, Astral Vomit throws in the last one; a fun time! Oh nothing beats the predicament of a fun time especially if it’s brought in such abstraction that the fun could be implemented in most various ways. To me the fun of Astral Vomit sounds like someone pulling a very weird face, with a mouth and funny lips that drool uncontrollably for a good funny sight! Astral Vomit might be the best possible weather person there is, so get your predictions over at the following link:

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