CARES – Coping Strategies

Artist: CARES
Title: Coping Strategies
Keywords: & options astral projection youtube videoscollective anxiety erosion of meaning harsh noise relaxation therapy late-stage capitalism memory and the subconscious new age societal collapse virtual conference software Toronto

Sound artist CARES had come up with some fine ‘Coping Strategies’ that settle in the ear like experimental moments of yin and yang. Sometimes it’s loud with soft elements, other times it’s soft with louder elements, but it’s in sync and fairly listenable. It feels a bit like going through heavy therapy sessions but with relaxation and relief as it’s final resulted. Let’s take a look at these coping strategies…

When it’s Vendor Day you might want to wear a helmet, earplugs and a odd grin on your face. Maybe it’s cool to wear rubber soul shoes too as somehow this Vendor Day sounds quite dangerous, as if builders aim for your head with hammers and tent poles, electricians feed electricity to water puddles on the floor and noises fill the air that might damage your inner hearings in a sneaky way. But aside from the thrilling activities, Vendor Day is of course also something incredibly beautiful. A fact colorfully underlined with a sharp contrast of mysterious organic sounding ambient tones that cut through the noises like a knife cutting butter.

‘Who else are you (PowerPoint edit)’ is a total opposite of all the Vendor Day action. It’s a question converted into sound that form a kind of wandering mindful music. There might not be answers delivered over here, but answers don’t seem to matter; just atmospheric ambient music. A case in which a voice flirtatiously twirls around that fine mood created by a synthesized Melody; what a good blissful time to cope with it all.

Talking about those kinds of moody businesses , the sound of coping with a ‘state trooper award ceremony’ is something that hangs nicely in between; On one side it’s a pretty melodic award ceremony music piece and on the other hand a noisy work that resembles traumatized troopers all blurry in their minds, thinking of being trapped in desert storms, rotating helicopter blades or heavy machine gun rattles.

The moment of ‘chair throwing meditation 3’ comes in, all becomes a bliss. With a really nice balance between heavenly lightness and cool crumbling darkness a relaxing atmosphere is set. This ambience gets neatly touched up with some sweetly spread out crackles to give it weight. It’s like the flag on top of this release, leading up to the fine act of feeling weightlessness. I hope you could cope with these strategies and have a good listening session as well:

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