BISCAY – Burnt Mementos

Artist: BISCAY
Title: Burnt Mementos
Keywords: pop, grand, positivism

To feel good and be relatively turned into s happy mood in which we can be our selves & feel happily relieved it’s perfect to dip our ears into the ‘Burnt Mementos’ by the pretty people named BISCAY. It’s the finest ‘feel good’ pop music that shows sweet musical skills to set you at ease with nice keys, guitar riffs, swinging drums, and a pleasant big band sound of warm horns and the magically pleasant sounding lead vocals. Just thank them for their single named ‘Pretty People’ in which they do their take on to the annoyingly pretty people around us, who always get a free pass, never get bullied and always seem to get what they wanted… blech, pretty people are indeed annoying, but thanks to BISCAY’s lovely song I want to thank them for their existence, as without them this sweet sounding tongue in the cheek song wouldn’t have existed!

Than there is ‘Little Miss Kryptonite’ in which BISCAY delivers a nicely full sounding song that swings, with pretty piano bits and vocal harmonies that give power to ‘miss kryptonite’ who is powered up by her disappointed by men that she turned into a attacker. Even though the dark line into the story, the music here by BISCAY is bluesy and happily grand; a fine happening for the ears.

The more you listen to this feel-good sounding sound of Burnt Mementos the more you feel sunny and happy. It’s also because BISCAY has this sense of humor, singing about topics that you aren’t hearing a lot about while delivering them in a up beat realm of super musically. Like ‘Good Odds, Odd Goods’ which features super rolling grooves, sweet and happy melodic solos that feel big, retro and super positive, while the lyrics tell about the unrealistic profiles of male dating profiles. It’s such a fun combination and those melodies are really spinning the session into a happy one!

Next up is ‘Arromanches’ which sounds nicely swinging and grooving in a cool cat kind of way, really letting the songstress shine through along with the lush sounding horns and well played bluesy guitar bits… musically this record is so nice, it really plugs into a guitar-solo lover’s mind and delivers something that sounds so big and nicely produced that it just slides by like a perfect case of euphorically positivism. Something that also counts for the nice slow swinging ‘Space Dust’ which apparently is inspired by the sound of Dutch band named ‘Focus’. I’ve never heard of ‘Focus’ but thanks to this song and honorable mention, I’ll be sure to check that out! The piano solo in here is so WOW as it swings and takes my ears away!

The last song is about being dumped, a horrible feeling but brought in such a way that even ‘this’ turned into something positive and happy. Again with full on musicality that feels so big, grandiose, poppy and pleasantly friendly that I can successfully say that even the French words can kill it! It becomes a happy end on this feeling good exposure of a band that plays perfectly together! How nice!

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