Nhumbhrukh – Niemoc

Artist Nhumbhrukh
Title: Niemoc
Keywords: electronic metal chaos cybergrind digital grindcorenoise poland polish polska powernoise poznan Poznań
Label: underpolen

Like a grandiose alternative rave ‘Głową w Dół’ rolls in with fine discrete amount of distortion in which the sound of a medieval sword fight and a computer game character that jumps around in jolly form could be heard. This is probably the appetizer that makes you want to check out more! Luckily there is more goodness from where this was coming from. Mainly the short lived ‘Brzeg’ will come and Vomit a blast of extremities into your face. It’s like a cat fight expressed with untouchable and almost abstract drums in which a beast tries to emulate the human voice; it’s pretty spectacular!

For the ones who are triggered by the word ‘rave’ the track named ‘niemoc’ might drive you into the realms of mental enthusiasm. With a massive pounding kick and a grungy voice this track hammers away, brain damaging enough for you not to take any pills as this stuff just might be enough to sort you out.

If you are more into rattling metal drums and completely absurd wildness combined on your diet of speedy rave material ‘eel in the snake crib’ is for you. Here they go into full gear, hyping up extremities and blow supporting whistles like they just accidentally swallowed their glow sticks.

A bit more ‘chilling’ is the agressive sounding ‘ocean gniewu’ in which the music is so loud and yet so comfy, that it reminds of sitting on a wobbly chair that wobbles into a woodchopper. You don’t even need to scream, as the voice stuck in there would do it all for you; how relaxing!

‘Którędy’ is a bit like a quick case of nightmare material, chopped in a blender and sophistically concentrated into one single go. Of course nightmares are individual things, so this will be for everyone a different experience, but for me; this was a soup of ugly faces who stared at me, almost ordering me to join them for a fine spicy bathing session between boiled bones and frog’s asses. Luckily there is a cool track called ‘slaby punkt’ that kicked these monsters ass! It was a menacing moment of paranoid punk activities, but with a victorious ending!

Time for a party once again! This time it’s up to ‘Kutwa’ to cut our heads and slip the punk rave mentality in. Play it loud and let your hair wave into the wind, put it so loud that you can actually smell the breath of the MC who throws out a whole tirade of upsweeping aggression. But there is more, as the dirty sounding ‘Tomgirl’ brings back the sword fighting sounds to the mental session & the voice of our favorite sounding mad man goes even beyond its regular case of being the opposite of sane. Last but not least there is ‘Przy_Ziemi_’ which is perhaps the calmest work on here. It made me feel like going drunk on a funfair ride. You know; going around and not even realizing that you are going around or knowing where you are… ah, but let’s conclude with this album; it’s madness but most deserved! Check it out over here:

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