Robots In Boxes – The Message from Mars

Artist: Robots In Boxes
Title: The Message from Mars
Keywords: electronica,techno, acid-techno,

When you think of Robots In Boxes you might think that they would sound muffled as we would certainly be outsiders, standing outside the boxes attempting to hear these robots through the six sides of these boxes. But what if you are you are actually there, inside in those boxes with them? Robots In Boxes are apparently robotic electronic music makers that aren’t afraid to let you close to them into their precious robotic auras, ideally perfect for cozy sound comfort, clearly letting their cool and friendly music bounce in the small realms of their Boxes with our ears as close as possible.

The result is a superb sound fest of electronic funkiness that sounds superbly warm and personal; how high-tech these robots must be, these boxes must be made of friendly sounding/looking & sounding carton… a perfect square realm to enjoy their friendly sounds named ‘The message From Mars’. Superbly warm four by four robotic electric electronica to dance on, listen too and feel good with. These Robots know how to build up things into cosmic proper proportions, sounding original and hypnotizing using quality sounds, amazing music production and even samples that turn the sessions a bit more human, while definable sounding as robotic and alien as possible; it’s pretty cool and raspy really!

These Robots In Boxes and their Message From Mars is a rhythmic trance inducing intimacy that fans of original electronica probably would love to experience. If you receive their signal of personal invitation to get into their boxes for their personal rave inside these boxes, you probably just got to jump in and enjoy every second of it!

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