Banditsky – Black Russian

Artist: Banditsky
Title: Black Russian
Keywords: electronic instrumental hip-hop beat tape dubinstrumental Barnaul

I’m not really sure what a ‘black russian’ is, but for some reason I imagine it being a heavy drink that only Russians lovers are able to handle. Luckily for the rest of us, Banditsky has turned on to this name & claimed it as the title for its latest release. You might want to drink something before pressing play to it, because it might be a bit weird without; but hey, they say; sober is the new drunk! Anyway, let’s try to discuss (as good as it gets) these friendly tracks…

The release starts with one named ‘Ufology’, a theme my best Russian friends are pretty much obsessed about, so this title might not be a huge surprise, but the actual music pretty much is. It is squeakily fresh, glitchy, grand, dancable , raspy, strangely raw and light; most of all it’s difficult to explain. Where is that ‘Black Russian’ when you need it the most?

The next track is ‘Ships kin’, one the features odd voices, something that sounds like an alien baby, a tropical island atmosphere… it does feel like it’s experienced heavily under the influence of music altering substance, you know; palm-trees upside down in the sand, laughing clowns that are smoking pipes… it’s pretty absurd.

For in case you are hungry for more, there is this ‘Cut646’.A messy soup collage of rhythmic percussions (bongos!?) and other soft things swimming around in a quick time frame. It even seems to have included a fancy trumpet in there! This little tune really blows my horn!

To go further in this exploration we have to face a track named ‘Examination’ which comes with a steady rolling slow beat, someone banging on a bottle, something that sounded to me like a pair of inflatable lips flabbergasting around; a jazzy mix of everything and anything, all grooving out together for a wobbly good time.

Last up on this release sits ‘Black Belarus’.
This one comes with a stumbling rhythm that stumbles in glitchy ways over its own feet, as if two shoes have been tied up with each others laces… yet it managed to form a lazy day atmospheric soundtrack to wake up & relax with. Get your Black Russian today and surf down this link:

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