Cum Gutter – Digital Artifacts volume I

Artist: Cum Gutter
Title: Digital Artifacts volume I
Keywords: electronic gay glitch harsh noise New York
Reviewer: Simon Hit (a bit drunk version of Simon that is… but hey!)

Cum Gutter is everywhere, we see Cum Gutter on Bandcamp and we read Cum Gutter tweets on this thing called Twitter. Now you can see the name Cum Gutter over here as I attempt to write about Cum Gutter’s Digital Artifacts Volume I. What is it? It’s obviously an album full of Cum Gutter’s digital artifacts… it’s a whole collection full of them, making a well willing listener all spiced up and horny; cause Gum Gutter provides the lubricant to make the artifacts go into your ears pretty smoothly. Yes, wet slurpy sounds.

But when Cum Gutter teams up with Kevin J Shipp the digital artifact becomes actually pretty groovy and danceable. A rhythmic progression of electric arts and craft that feels like typewriters doing a samba while communicating in hot alien ways. But those Cum Gutter artifacts are in general much more obscured in a listenable exploratory way. Wet sounds, electric ones full electricity nicely floating around like life forms that are industrial of origin and yet not known in biology terms.

Digital Artifact 1.7 is a personal favorite among the many Cum Gutter artifacts. I guess it’s because of its prominent rhythm and noise that somehow has that pulse of energy that makes me want to dance like a mad cyborg punk who accidentally had stepped on a very hot plate. That is what I enjoy of these Cum Gutter tracks, they are all ready to imagine things on, like brainfood for the mentally ill with tons of imagination to spare. Or in this case like a real life cum gutter in which all the possible sperm cells might stand for complete amazing individuals full of wonder and life (now just sliming away in the gutter, probably quietly saying ‘help me’).

But here on this collection of Digital Artifacts it’s like Cum Gutter showcases the Cum Gutter potentials. Like for example when Cum Gutter makes a artifact with Harsh Noise Movement. It’s a spectacle of wet and wild, electrifying material that is untouchable and yet exciting to hear. Also the artifact grown out of collaboration between M Lamar & of-course Cum Gutter sounds alive. It’s a artifact of electric sound that wants to come out in little oppressed squeaks before popping out of the closet with a short session of free noise.

But don’t worry if that’s not your thing, as Cum Gutter’s digital artifacts are quite large, making enough chances there is a artifact that you would like to adopt and take home. Lovers of dark ambient, experimental sounds and other atmospheric glitch can better prepare a baby room to store them in like a proud parent. Cum Gutter has enough life for all of you available on this gay friendly release:

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