Frog Bitch – Frog Bitch EP

Artist: Frog Bitch
Title: Frog Bitch EP
Keywords: acid acid house acid techno ambient electronicfrog bitch house psychocandies techno Germany

Frog Bitch sounds mean and yet oh so good! Frog Bitch delivers a to the point acid infusion of pounding nastiness and stomping techno. Smacking your face in with superbly compressed bass-kicks that are hard to refuse. Frog Bitch just knows how to give you a good pounding!

This Frog Bitch got the high-hats & claps ready to get that hypnotizing dance thing all dusted off & shoves its bubbling bubbles into you like a XTC dealer that knows all your weak spots! Just have a little bit of what Frog Bitch provides and your eyes pop up like a glowing child in the candy shop.

Frog Bitch is just going directly for that minimal acid sound that any lover of this kind will get excited for, delivering the perfect extremities to transform any undercover persona straight back into their raving raver birthday suits! Ready to go berserk, throwing their bodies into energetic spasms and dance to these uncompromising pounding swinging acid blobs all the way to the flashy colors of Vegas!

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