Let’s Rock! (Single mum discovers a few rock singles) 

hello, i’m single mum. thanks for coming over and checking us out…
Do you like rocks? Little or big rock hard stones? That’s good on you, but today we are taking a little tour of the latest rock singles. By that we don’t mean rocks that are alone, but people and bands that play rock (and a bit of pop) music. To start our journey, I thought it was best to introduce you to Heather Scarlett Rose.

“Heather Scarlett Jones”
She has a voice that is influenced not only by classic rock, but also blues and jazz, making her vocals sound lush, hazy, big and strong & with it she has no problem eliminating the sound of noisy people at the place that she performs. You don’t believe me? Check out the following live video and see and hear it with your own eyes and ears:
her album named ‘Boundless’ gives you the experience to hear her own written songs without the annoyance of people. The most personal favorite song on the album is in my humble opinion ‘borderline’ , it’s a true hit sounding like something in which her voice drives up on poppy positivity, something that reminded me a bit of ‘dubstar’, but than clearly more done in harmony with the universe. A bit of research on Heather Scarlett Rose teaches us that she is a practicing Buddhist, which might explain her strength, skill to focus and peaceful determination that you could easily spot here in her voice. As a single mum I truly appreciate it & hope you will enjoy it too:
For more info, links to purchase her music and other things Heather Scarlett Rose related it’s best to check out her website:

Cornerstone – Northern Light”
I guess we are now ready to go to the next level of rock; a stone! In fact the band is named ‘Cornerstone’. First of all I’m glad that the band is called Cornerstone and not Cornerrock as somehow it sits nicer in the mouth and ear. All the way from Australia, rocking out under this name are Alina Peter, Michael Wachelhofer, Steve Wachelhofer and Christoph Karas. If one of the named names is you; congratulations you are responsible for bringing authentic rock with an attitude to the ears, eyes and hearts of our dear readers.

That’s what I (as a single mum) loved the most of them; their attitude! The text under their video clip reads “ENJOY THIS UNHIP, UNCOOL AND UN-SEXY MUSIC!” Which is a fine reason to love them, as a rock band with a good sense of humor is hard (rock!) to find!
I’ve been enjoying the videoclip a few times with the sound in mute, just to not get overloaded with all the information that made it so great. The thing is; it’s a nonstop movement, a videoclip in which the camera and its subjects never sleep & all shots are so nicely cut & pasted that the video on its own is already worth praises & applause. But wait till you watch it with the volume up & you hear that keyboard riff, that guitar and the voice of Alina going into your skull; it’s even better!

For more rocking out with Cornerstone, you might take a peek and browse away on their official website:

“Lese Majesty – seeking escape”
Of course we didn’t hit rock bottom yet, but might get there in the end. Before we do so, let’s get a step further with this rock band typically named ‘Lese Majesty’ and their latest music video for ‘Seeking Escape’. Here we have it, a female fronted band (as a single mum I have great respect for them and so should you!) rocking out on guitars, drums, bass and of course the unmissable vocals to top it all off. They are all impressively dressed in black, some nicely head-banging along with the sounds that they create, all done in a circle to have a good session of rock-hard playing. Their video-clip features also a peculiar scene of a  innocents girl that gets offered a pair of black balloons, a scene in which she gets innocently followed by mysterious black tentacles that will make sure the balloons will not fly away… as a single mum i truly hope the girl in the video is alright, but if not her offering to the black tentacles was probably worth it; as it makes it truly into  a rock video to remember! 

For more on these Australian rockers you are free to browse their official website:

Of course there are tons of rockers rocking out there delivering new singles for us to explore & discover, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with knowledge and information. As a single mum I just sincerely hope that Heather Scarlett Jones, Cornerstone & Les Majesty are enough to rock your world today, but if you need something more, something classic, nostalgic and happy that will cheer you up and is still rocky; might I invite you to enjoy the following music video:

have a loveky day everybody!

single mum

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