Colin Andrew Sheffield & James Eck Rippie – Polarities

Artists: Colin Andrew Sheffield & James Eck Rippie
Title: Polarities
Keywords: electronic hip-hop rap experimental electronicfieldrecordings noise Belgium

Magically everything has happened to my face when it came out into my ears. But mostly It turned into a grimace of wandering wonders when the collaboration between these two individuals was settling in and doing its special things. It felt so good for me to be exposed to this kind of music; material so enriched in fantasy triggering materials and imagination stimulating stimulations that I could only smile and wonder…

what is this magical magic that is doing so much wonderful stuff into my ears and mind, how beautifully done and amazing this all sounds, a nonstop trip for all of us. A work that has been made to happen and will have to find a way to be heard by you, brave listener. It’s a amazing experience, a nonstop soundscape that is superbly listenable, with enough tension, sensation and prettiness to get any real sound & music lover hooked in pure intrigued attention. Spooning up every second of the sound with great eye for detail and attention.

I can’t tell what I saw on these trips, but the things that happened to my mind when this music was the center of my world was surely an amazing adventure, it for sure claimed full on attention. It was as if a beautiful drug in audio form had came to massage my senses like no one else could. Proving that music collaborators are drug dealers and the drug itself in one; making me feel instantly addicted to these weird beauties of a mysterious sound world in which they kept providing brain teasing wonders to ponder over, or fall in love with.

If you are in search for a soundscape to trip on, a audio lover that needs a nonstop story that will make sure you will not be bored or a junkie who rather listens to music to get to that higher level of consciousness than this link might be very much of your interest:

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