Erich Mrak – With You

Artist: Erich Mrak
Title: With You
Keywords: pop, rap, hip hop

Toronto based artist ‘Erich Mrak’ recently released a hit-worthy single that you might want to hear. It’s nicely armed with a pleasant fuzzy stabbing bass, a quirky sexy groove, tight claps and neatly placed synth details. But most of all it’s Erich Mrak’s crystal clear vocals that steals the show; hip-hopping nicely on this warm sounding production.

In 2015 he had been showcasing his style with the fun sounding ‘Faces’ hit…
But with his brand new tune named “With You” he has called upon the power to move a listener towards a dance floor and yet makes the tune come across as an intimate listening song to remember & perhaps shed a tear with. It’s one of these fine tunes that manages to sound sad and happy at the same time; a emotional moment that is cleverly brought in a fun energetic way.

To Quote the artist himself:
The song is about the indecisiveness between two people, with regards to committing to a relationship, and if it is ideal for their current lives”.

…which indeed is a tough subject to cover, yet Erich Mrak makes it sound like it’s a piece of cake. With a good flow and style that would appeal to fans of rappers like Asher Roth & J Cole, he nails it like a well established legend in the field. Yet, Erich Mrak is still mysterious, even if he is well represented on social media sites like Facebook / SoundCloud / twitter & instagram there seems to be few info about him out in the open, it’s as if  he decided to stay in the shadow for now, just in order to truly let his words and music speak for its own. Have a listen & see what ‘with you’ will do for & with you:


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