Peristalith – A Rabbit Forest

Artist: Peristalith
Title: A Rabbit Forest
Format: cassette tape / digital
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient
Label: Weakie Discs

Peristalith is your guide to a rabbit forest, a place of shimmering delight in which from dusk to dawn mysterious sounds are playing. A dark atmosphere in which killer rabbits lurk around to attack fresh prey consisting of foreign species other than their own. Peristalith seems to have a free pass, showing us around like a shadow on these dangerous premises in which music are our camouflage cloaks of integrating atmospheres.

The result is a puzzling ambience of sinister looking black grass, piercing rabbit eyes looking from strategically placed holes and thick forest surrounding in which we float in silence between the daunting trees. Just be silent as Peristalith carries us through these layers of killer rabbit land in which no other human had visited before without coming back alive. It adds extra to the thrill even though the all round material is calm, the finest darkness of danger is clearly present on each and every corner; whatever you do, never take of your camouflage coat / stop the music until Peristalith guided you safely all the way through it.

You will discover actual beauty & harmony; maybe those rabbits aren’t so harmful after all & maybe they just have a really good reason to keep other creatures away from their sacred beautiful rabbit forest. If you look through their protective and killer attitudes, you see that they are actual peaceful and caring among each other. Thanks to Peristalith you can go behind, explore what it means by not judging a book by its cover & see how these rabbits actually live far beyond our enemy lines.

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One Response to Peristalith – A Rabbit Forest

  1. no says:

    i’m gonna get me a rabbit and feed it all the bananas i see

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