thinds – A Brighter Future?

Artist: thinds
Title: A Brighter Future?
Keywords:dark ambient drone electronica melbournesoundscapes soundtrack Melbourne

Thinds claims the question of ‘a brighter future?’ as if the music that comes with it will give you the answer. But I’m not so sure if there is a hint for a brighter future within this fantastic audio collage with huge trip possibilities. It does however tells us that if it is ‘now’ the future that we are living, than it for sure comes with excellent produced productions.

Thinds’s work is so full and yet so shimmering in mysterious mystery, that it creeps on you while wondering about all the audio puzzle pieces that the artist has collected, restructured and provided. It’s sounding to me like the future isn’t so bright, but it does have its greatness in that there is enough to hear for the ears. Things like a deep humming back drop, snippets of sounds, memories, voices and mechanic machineries.

Everything blends into a audio soup that stirs along, giving no answers or solutions but does manage to set a atmosphere in which you can wander around in. Speaking of that, feel free to do this over at the following link:

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