Hedonistic Noise – Silence Is More Musical

Artist: Hedonistic Noise
Title: Silence Is More Musical
Keywords: punk garage punk grunge hardcore punk istanbulpunk rock Istanbul
Reviewer: Scat Man The Shit Monster

Bubbling up from the mud bath full of shit it’s me ‘Scat Man The Shit Monster’. Forgive my bad breath; I smell like shit. I’m here because nobody else is available, it might or might not have to do because I look horrific and smell horrible, but in any case; no other reviewers are here and I’ve tasked myself to put my sniffy nose to the shit created by Hedonistic Noise. Hmm, I can’t smell shit! Probably because there is shit inside my nose… or maybe it’s because it’s about “music”? Is music sniffable?

All I get is the fragrance of shit, but that’s probably my upper lip. As a shit monster I have unfortunately no ears. But don’t worry I poked two holes on both side of my shit head to hopefully receive the stuff that this Hedonistic Noise had recorded on this ‘music’ collection.

Yep, I could hear the sounds blubbering away in these holes, nicely vibrating inside of me like a liquid waterfall of fine diarrhea. It made my newly poked holes on the side of my shit face thrill and leak; a whole dripping stream of inner feces dropping out enlarging the holes from the inside out; a great happening that makes it even better to receive more Hedonistic Noise vibrations.

So what is this my human friends? What is it poking against my inner turd that is my brain? Is this what you call punk music? It makes me feel euphoric and shitty at the same time! The electric guitars thrill my shitty ass so much that new pieces of mini shit monsters come out; all dancing around in a improvised mosh pit full of shit! Oh how I love it that this release makes me poop out a whole new generation of future shit reviewers!

And what’s that my human friends? Is there someone in pain or in pleasure? A combination of them both? Is this what you call singing or is this person dying and slipping out the final screams before he blows out his final air out of his throat? Is this person constipated and in heath? Don’t wait for a toilet my friend, look at me – the shit monster and just let it all flow and poop it all out! Yes, no shame! Just like Hedonistic Noise; no shame!

From what I’ve heard, this release had been warming my inner turd. It’s aggressive and bold, raw and full proteins; it makes me wish I hadn’t such shitty self improvised holes for ears, as this shit sounded like I need to hear much more of it! Hedonistic Noise is totally the shit! And I presume that means a lot coming from me; scat man the shit monster!
Check this shit out:

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