Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo –  YA (Full Album)

Artist: Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo
Title: YA (Full Album)
Keywords: experimental, electronic, plunder phonic

It’s always fun with Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo, each and every time his name pops up into our mailbox it’s a bit like a mad scientist that just stepped out of a laboratory with lots of smoke, holding a brand new created invention proudly into his hands… the conceptual sound inventions have been just as weird and challenging as the formats that he had placed them on, so when Lorenzo came in with a full album that looks like it’s fully released as a single YouTube link it just got to tickle me with excitement.

Maybe we can hear YA the full album somewhere else too, but I truly hope that it’s just exclusively released as a still picture with the music underneath it in this YouTube format. The picture is neat too, probably depicting Lorenzo with his private mini black hole; how cool is that? Is that the secret place that he pulls out his seemingly limitless ideas out? But what about the music, does he pull it out of that black hole, a bit like a magician pulling a rabbit out of its hat? Or maybe it’s his sample storage place as Lorenzo seems to have the whole world as his music instrument – dancing at his fingertips like a puppeteer with plundered music bits as the willingly twisted puppets…

It doesn’t really matter how he made it, where he got his sounds from, it’s just a blessing that we are able to just go to that YouTube still and blast it out like a channeling sound adventure. It’s a nice experience and a wild experimental ride in which the inventor present a whole load of different energies towards our brains. From slow bits, to epic mental bits in which you just feel like going berserk destroying your newest dancing shoes, to shimmering out listening to the chilling channeling sides of relaxing sounds, audio hear-play-things and radio friendly compositions that boggles the mind in a channeling way… I really like this new invention of inventions by this Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo as it’s a nice mingling combo for the ears to be entertained by & you got to love it that the full album is out there for all of us to listen for free… here it is, just click play and you are settled:


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