S. Pakhomov – Lo-Fi

Artist: S. Pakhomov
Title: Lo-Fi
Keywords: experimental avant-garde experimental electronicminimalism Elektrostal
Label: Minimalist Recs

S. Pakhomov had been inspired by another artist who had been experimenting with those noise walls and 8kbps Lobito encoding; I didn’t get the memo in what bitrate S. Pakhomov decided to experiment in to create this three hour long release named LO-Fi but it’s sounding pretty much around the 24kbps sound and feel; so cozy, so warm and muzzled in friendliness.

But it’s not just the sound encoding that makes this lengthy release so pretty and fine; of course it’s the audio creation itself!
A endless wonderful session of the finest sounding crackles on the planet. Think of nice noises like hearing the dust on a old vinyl record tickling the needle, or perhaps a sweet fireplace burning it’s wood for three hours in a slow but warm welcoming way; it’s a bit like that, but probably even nicer.

Can’t write a whole gigantic essay about it,but you would see that hearing it for three hours in a row is actually a very reasonable and doable option. S. Pakhomov simply managed to provide the right crackles in the right encoding that never seem to be able to become boring. It’s fascinating as even though it’s crackling crackles full stop, it’s so digestible that once you start you don’t want it to go away. It’s comparable to munching on the inside of a bag of crisps; once you pop, you won’t stop!

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One Response to S. Pakhomov – Lo-Fi

  1. linda says:

    It’s like a crispy campfire in the background. So comfy and cozy crickely crackely.

    Lately, I have taken up buying vinyl records again, second hand. They are extremely dirty, thus I dug on youtube into the world of vinyl nerding about How To Clean Your Precious Vinyl Collection Best. Now I’ve seen all the techniques from using wood glue to buying 4 digit cleaning machines, diy approaches with vacuum cleaner extentions and drills to use centrifugal forces to get the cleaning fluid off. Then the different fluids to be used, from the simple “I just rinse them in the sink with some dishwashing liquid” to “this comes straight from the lab with 100% distilled water, antistatic substances and 0% alcohol as it will kill your vinyl irreversibly!!”. Fortunately, I also came across the nerd who said “whatever you do, just take a little care and clean it. Doesn’t matter what. In the end, someone said ‘it’s just plastic’, and well…. somehow it’s not that untrue.”

    Ok, back to this beautiful release. It’s like the dishwashing liquid of the vinyl! Everything that gets removed, can be heard, without damaging your needle! For the fun of it, this should be released on vinyl ;D

    I haven’t gotten into washing my records yet. If anyone wants to share a golden trick, I’m all ears 🙂

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