Being impressed by Empress Akua 

Since the discovery of Empress Akua a couple of days ago, I’ve been on a Empress Akua binge. My medium supplier was YouTube and my main intake was through ears and eyes. The ears had been easily delighted, hearing her powerful voice saying powerful words & the eyes had been pleased with the visible bits. This was the first time a real empress appealed to me as she rules with her scepter of reggae vibes like a true warrior ready to slay with wisdom and talent.
The first tune I’ve heard was her resent tune ‘it’s cold out there’ which fitted perfectly with me experiencing the ‘English summer’. I’ve been living in the hot heath in which it had been 40 degrees everyday for about a year or so, so when I came to England a week ago I was freezing my eggs off… but with her words, Empress Akua warmed me up, suggesting to go inside and heating up with the knowledge of Jah…

I was just with my head in the smokey clouds, probably smoking a bit too much ganja, but in the end making those fine reggae tunes sound like they had a meaning of fine intelligence. It wasn’t only the ganja but most definitely Empress Akua with her fierce voice, strong wise words and Rastafarian powers by her side that made my world upside down.. she simply rides her music like a powerful entity who can lead the stars as if they were lions. Her seasoned sound makes her come across as if she had read the entire book of wisdom from back to forth… a rare thing to encounter, but that’s why some of us are singers and others are empresses and emperors…

It’s just that Empress Akua sings about the important things and let her voice move to the grooves like a hard battled unbeatable amazon. Her videos are a lot of fun, showcasing glimpses of how things are made and in which surroundings; its a nice peek into a studio full of dedicated admirers and musicians that throw in their full support.

I don’t know, maybe it’s the smokable herb, maybe it’s because the music of Empress Akua that had kept me warm when I was cold… but I pay my respect to her with thanks and praises… bless…

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One Response to Being impressed by Empress Akua 

  1. I said, “why not?” and I don’t regret. She has a powerful sound.

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