Frank Stein – Alfresco

Artist: Frank Stein
Title: Alfresco
Keywords: ambient electronic experimental industrial outsiderAuckland

Nothing better than listening to a fresh amount of ‘piss bathwater’ organized by Frank Stein as findable on his ‘Alfresco’ album. It’s so nice to hear because it sounds so none liquidity, yet so fluent with cute sparkling bubbles to spice it up. Frank Stein makes it sound so moving and friendly; you probably wouldn’t want to flush it through and wouldn’t be alarmed to take a bath in it.

No Time No Space’ is also something that Frank Stein had captured so neatly on this fine release of experimental audio. It’s fairly musical, keeping up the atmosphere of the piss bathwater with its sparkling bubbles, throwing in some atmosphere that feels like a mix between a Mary-go-round and a ice cream van that tumbles down the hills into a weird dimension between time and space.

Of course the album wouldn’t be the same if Frank Stein wouldn’t include the happening of a crying computer, an act he carefully depicts as a emotional kindness that makes me think that the computer is a actual baby-computer in the pram, playing so cutely with its little computer toys and putting it’s charming flavoring sounds to good use. How cute this crying computer is; you almost wish you could feed it milk and baby cookies. (If such a thing exist)

Of course it’s nice to hear the refreshing bathwater part, but pissing after midnight is something even more satisfying for the bladder & in this case of Frank Stein; the ears. He makes his happiness and satisfaction & love for it known by dedicating a really lovable and cute melodic moment to it; so sweet!

But it’s clear that sweetness is a thing with Frank Stein, as his audio adventure of a alien @ sea is not only a mind boggling scene of suspension, Space ship hovering and mysterious action, but he also makes it appear to be a alien that must be of a sweet and friendly origin. You should welcome it with open arms…

In fact you might get this Alfresco pretty quickly, as when it will reach its ‘boiling point’ it might become a little bit much. It will push to the limit, goes even over it and than gives you a reward for putting up with it; a nice relaxing session of ‘Sunday lawn’ time. Just sit back and let Frank Stein do it’s experimental sound business & dream of buzzy bees, soft grass and bumbling insects. It even gets better with Frank Stein washing out our ears with some soap, water and a fine calming musical momentum.

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