Railroad Forests – A Short Demo

Artist: Railroad Forests
Title: A Short Demo
Keywords: Folk, Boston
Reviewer: Simon Hit

More folkier than the folk music by Railroad Forest will be like overdosing, that’s why Railroad Forest probably threw in this short demo to proof that a bit from the Railroad Forest folk is enough to ease your hunger for the genre. Not too little, not too much; exactly somewhere in the middle. You probably wouldn’t think of a forests doing this kind of thing, but I guess a forests has plenty of things to express & more inhibitors to help making it into music.

In any case if folk is your thing a firm folkloric bliss on your face from folkish satisfaction might simply appear, but do not worry, you won’t be lying in a corner with a needle in your arm and folk foam foaming out of your lips. It’s words, voice, acoustic material & the combination of them all’ that this short demo demonstrates to whoever decides to dip their ears in that this is the kind of folk that is just in the right dose. With just three compact songs the impression is given that the Railroad Forest might not be huge, but if you look through that, you just know that the Railroad Forest concentrated its brand of folk in such potent micro-doses that it’s powerful and yet safe enough folk material to dig into.

I wonder if anyone could survive a full album, or if the Railroad Forest would have a smart way to create a large album without making listeners fall dead like flies Squashed by a windshield of a folkish driving car. Too much good folk music can simply be deadly, but as provided here in this impressively short demo by Railroad Forests it’s just simply perfect. It makes me want to form the ‘perfect’ sign with one hand & the other do a firm ‘thumps up’… More short demos of this folkish sort delivered by forests please!

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