Armenia – Like a Dervish

Title: Like a Dervish
Keywords: alternative electronic dance electro electronic music electronica Genoa

Dervishes, pay attention! As this ‘like a Dervish’ tune is probably high up your alley! A electronic track that feels like it would suit mechanic dancers and proud Dervishes at the same time, clearly being a self celebrating Dervish tune in which a Dervish could truly identify with.

With a steady electric beat and a organic sounding session of orgasmic synthesizer sounds it truly sets the blitz. Together with a peculiar futuristic voice that follows on to form a stretched out alien pop structure, this ‘dervish’ tune goes in like a futuristic dance track that moves up and down with robotic precision.

It might be difficult to rightfully describe this tune, but let’s say that this track is like a Dervish. “The Dervish focus is on the universal values of love and service, deserting the illusions of ego to reach God.” A thing that oddly gets there next-level style within this anthem.

The single comes in two versions, one the straightforward one that I could imagine being broadcasted through outer space and beyond among dervishes & the second mix to be the more rare sounding mix that comes in nicely fellable audio waves.

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