Coffee Or Suicide – Regular Weirdo

Artist:Coffee Or Suicide
Title: Regular Weirdo
Keywords: comedy experimental weirdo ambient bdsmchillout everyday things experimental rock food guitarlazy shoegaze weird weirdo pop weirdos Birmingham
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Hello,I’m your reviewer. Perfectly In the cuckoo mood as apparently I’m totally wasted in a happy little drunk way. It’s s miracle that I’m still able to write to you,but hell, the auto corrected digital dictionary is probably working over time. So, uh, what is this music? I haven’t a clue… I believe that I liked it, a man singing and music that he is singing upon; it might not be a world wonder, but it’s still pretty strong.

I believe the good man is singing songs that might make you want to rinse your ears… like the one in which he sings about nipple clamps and putting on a strap-on… whatever rows your boat,friends… it’s all fine with me… even the song in which the regular Weirdo Coffee Or Suicide drops the expression “you are Fucking gay…” over and over again seems to sound pretty much like repetitive compliments.

The music is chill, fun and pretty weird at the same time, like a improvisation that even has some surprisingly surreal solo riffs. The highlight on this drunken listening session must have been the ‘I ate too much food anthem’, somehow it made me feel singing-wise if that lead singer of Metallica & music-wise of a gigantic belly floating around in a rubber inflatable thingy somewhere in the tropical sea; bloated, full and pretty sunny. “I fell asleep on the loo” is pretty fun too… so passionate! I think I’ll join this example and sleep away the booze… but before we wave goodbye, may I recommend this link:

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