Grey Pale Sinister – Eerie Contemplation

Artist: Grey Pale Sinister
Title: Eerie Contemplation
Keywords: experimental, nothing

The most creepiest sounding music of the intensive sounding Grey Pale Sinister must have just hit the entire block. With an enormous fuzzy collage of banging on unidentified drum material & gruesomely distorted guitar in general the Grey Pale Sinister shakes the whole speaker system up, making them walk as if they had been possessed & we need some kind of untroubled exorcist to free them from its freshly landed demons.

Grey Pale Sinister is one of the only creations that I’ve ever heard that manages to whisper extremely loud, burp-sings with croaky voice that swings like it’s been fried up on the flames of hell & definitely refused hydration to smoothen things up. This project is sounding like a work of torture in which Grey Pale Sinister is been fucking itself up just to get himself sacrificed for our possible entertaining purposes. Instruments are being raped, slammed upon and your ears can Whitney intense pure tensions that if Grey Pale Sinister was your friend; you would probably call a ambulance for.

Grey Pale Sinister is at its most intensive, speaking in different tones, as if summoned spirits of lonely deaths had taken him over, making him scream his lungs out and presumable let them eat those lungs again for pure sickening material. If you like what you hear there might be a big chance that you are a sadistic satanist who loves to hear the sound of a suffering musician, giving it all for you, his beloved fans…

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