Night Heron – You Miss Each Other EP

Artist: Night Heron
Title: You Miss Each Other EP
Keywords: alternative diy dream pop jangle psychedelicMassachusetts

Night Heron gives me that feeling of one on one attention, as if a private one person’s one man band performs especially for my own private ears and ears. It’s like Night Heron is perfectly at ease and at home and doing it’s own cozy bubble thing & us as a listener are simply invited to be there in the middle of the bedroompop action as if we had been draped under a invisible cloth.

It’s nice to hear someone doing its own thing on its own comfy grounds, let its voice just do whatever it wants to do without any possibility that someone will laugh, or take the Mickey out of it. Same thing counts for the music; so nice to not have disturbing needs to proof themselves, coolness factors or any other music disturbing mentalities around; but just a bit of intimacy in audio form.

I just imagine Night Heron jamming on a guitar, drumming with its elbows relaxedly and singing its words like a gift of nature, sweetly draped on top like it all made sense & everything had always meant to be together. They form natural sounding loops, sweetly layered and repeating itself into cloudy woozy tracks that seem to be able to tickle the belly buttons of dreams pretending to be clouds of love.

It’s nice to lay down in horizontal form and listen to it all. It’s pretty sweet, fluffy and pinkish & sounds like our invisible making cloths enables us to crawl unto Night Heron’s lap and use it as a comfortable bed with these songs of music falling over us like a pretty blanket. There is still some space left under the blanket of invisibility, feel like joining in & enjoy these sleepy intimate songs?

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One Response to Night Heron – You Miss Each Other EP

  1. An Tony'M says:

    J’aime beaucoup
    Merci à vous

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