Vomir – Chantage Au Gaz

Artist: Vomir
Title:Chantage Au Gaz
Keywords: electronic experimental metal harsh noise wallindustrial power electronics Hungary
Label: The Level of Vulnerability

Listening to Vomir is one of my most favorite things to do, especially when I’m drunk from a lonely heavy booze session!it’s putting the mind at place & the head at ease, while destroying all other external sound & info. It’s truly the sound of nothing & yet everything, of being alone in a big ugly universe that you want to say goodbye at! But even the word ‘goodbye’ will be muted and unheard…

It’s like a rock hard wall that you could actually walk in & get the awesome feeling of being completely vaporized in, to be just a tiny non important dust particle in a clustering family of other ones that look and sound just like you. Listening to Vomir to me is comparable to the thought of being in outer space and looking down at earth; we are so small & don’t really matter; a comfortable thought, like a free pass to be free as dead.

Do what you want, feel free in the abyss of noise; stand still or move around; nothing matters & nobody cares. The world doesn’t turn around you; the nonstop session of noise simply makes it all disappear. Time stands still when Vomir disables the ears & you simply aren’t going anywhere. It’s a bit like taking a bath ‘forever’ that doesn’t wrinkle your skin & never gets you either cold or hot; it’s a body temperature that instantly slips up onto its listeners and freeze them in time & space.

So you can imagine how awesome it is to have a complete box set of Vomir works. It gives you the opportunity to enter this ‘special place’ and never come back. It’s like a weapon in the house, ready to disable the world as we know it and just be one in the extreme nothingness. With box-sets like these you’d wish to have those multi CD jukebox machines, so you could just simply disappear & travel in complete harmony into the Vomir zone and never ever return… who is with me? https://thelevelofvulnerability1.bandcamp.com/album/chantage-au-gaz

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