TONTO – Excerpts #2

Artist: TONTO
Title: Excerpts #2
Keywords: experimental electroacoustic electroacustichardcore kraut Iesi

A nicely Weird drum groove aggression session with TONTO  half rapping & yelling in a muffled firm form, at times freaking out like a metal person.. but whatever the vocal style he sounds like he is doing it all with a sock stuck in his mouth. Considering this; his voice must be pretty loud and powerful as even though the obstacle; it is heard from far and a wide. Sometimes I feel he is using a megaphone to enlarge his sound even further & it works pretty well for him. Especially considering that I’m hearing this all the way in Thailand. 

The expertly done excerpts make me feel like TONTO has the power to flip taxi cars over like the beauty boys; it’s like rebel music that should be pumped on modern day demonstrators to turn them into a riot. Thanks to the way the lyrics are pronounced and the blasting beats are drummed the energy is high up and frantic; it also feels like it’s usable for all sides at a demonstration; right, or left, wrong or right… nobody knows at the office here what these songs are about but that’s the beauty of it; they sound angry and upsweeping – useable soundtrack for any enraging cause-

But it isn’t all violently happy and angry sounding energy, there are pretty peaceful excerpts too. One that makes you want to chill out with your enemies, treat them as your friends and abolish your differences. Hey, you might even take the moment to become friends and use the rest of the uprising music like party tunes to weirdly pogo around on in a brotherly/sisterly peaceful way! Suddenly the music will turn around and make you feel like frenemies going for a joyful game of hitting a piñata! With TONTO’s excerpts #2 you can get the aggression out in a fun loving way!

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