Ashley Hines and the Driven – Live out Loud

Artist: Ashley Hines and the Driven
Title: Live out Loud
Keywords: hip-hop, rap
Reviewer: Simon Hit

You can’t find any rappers that are so down to earth and good hearted as Ashley Hines and the Driven. They truly seem to be driven out of goodness and have no egotistical intentions hidden in their tunes. Their biggest pride is to make music that is listenable for everyone, with meanings and clear words that avoid any nastiness, making them a enjoyable rap group that proofs that there is no need to put cussing words in every corner to be awesome.

They made rap into family entertainment and they do it in such a way that you won’t even notice how polite and friendly it is; Ashley Hines and the Driven are the kind of group that are suitable heroes, yet will always return back the compliments and truthfully say that their fans and listeners are the actual super stars. They truly seem to be made to perform live, loving the view of people enjoying themselves on their good vibes & from my point of view that seems like a really good deal for everyone involved.

Their debut single from 2014 named ‘Rain’ is a good place to start, getting to know their style and flavor if you aren’t close enough to catch them live.
I’ve been listening to some of the tunes of their Live out Loud album and even though I’m not really into rap music, this was really material that even I (and other non typical rap listeners) could enjoy. Their song ‘Your the One’ is super sweet and comes with a nice beat; it’s very easy to pick up the love from it, not only in the lyrics but most definitely hidden in the entire music which must have been a complete product of it. It’s all really positive and up & it definitely made me wanted to bump my head and face the sunshine party. To stream the tunes you can visit their website and explore their SoundCloud account or simply chip in and get your hands on their album:

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One Response to Ashley Hines and the Driven – Live out Loud

  1. Mr.Hit,
    Thank you so much for your kind words, that means the world to us! We appreciate this review but over all we appreciate that you get us and most importantly our music!! Thank you again!!!

    Ashley Hines and the Driven

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