Giovanni Cristino – 01

Artist: Giovanni Cristino
Title: 01
Keywords: alternative experimental avantgarde freeinstrumental Mola Di Bari
Label: Fisherground

Giovanni Cristino’s 01 and a devilish drink had been a great combination to take me on a unreserved journey. One of relaxing mystery, high sounds and low ones that crumble away my perceptions of normal day life & replaced them with a blurry ambiance of experimentalism. The high tone is pretty consistent in the mix and in a way deafening, but the undertones are warm and the subtle sound of field recorded bird(s) chatter makes it into a welcoming experience.

I’ve been having this experience together with a lady pussycat and she meowed enthusiastically every time a recognizable piano-ish tone dropped in there. These frequent moments in this trip mix are like the stepping stones of sanity; the materials to hold onto before completely sinking away in a ambiance mix in which cats, booze and experimental ambient music will do everything to make you lose your marvelous marbles.

The tension within this mix gets more and more prominent, as if the producer knew we need more of those stepping stones within the music not to go mentally lost into nowhere’s land. It works like a charm and the pussycat really seemed to enjoy every minute of it. She was giving me more head bumps of kindness when the music became more ringingly disturbed & meowed along to show her sign of appreciation.

Who ever said that cat ears don’t like experimental ambient sounds can screw themselves with the back end of a broom; this pussycat loves it & so do I! To add extra greatness with this release, the artist included a digital booklet of “Non smetti di esistere” with each download, so it might not be exactly catnip, but it definitely is a whole treat!

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