G.H. Hat – Jam 2 (Ode To Kygo), Soft Breeze (Laber Bris), Joyogistic

Artist: G.H. Hat
Title: Jam 2 (Ode To Kygo), Soft Breeze (Laber Bris), Joyogistic
Keywords: edm electronic classical piano Glendale
Website: http://ghhat.com/

G.H. hat apparently knows how to do a piano jam. I’ve been listening to Piano Jam 2 and I’m pretty sure there is a ‘1’. This piano jam(Odd To Kygo) is pretty different than the piano jams that recently had rolled into my ears. I guess it’s the tightness that G.H. Hat is showcasing here while pressing these piano keys. You just can feel how G.H. Hat hits those piano keys not very unsightly. G.H. Hat simply sounds like someone who knows what to do & is not holding back to do so.

No fear to press those piano keys, no holding back & certainly no hint of any insecurity when G.H. Hat improvises over here. And that’s the thing that surprises me: G.H. Hat sounds so full confidence when hitting these keys that you might think it would be even too much, but no… no, no, no! G.H. Hat, this Hat confidently nails this piano improvisation without illuminating the joy out of it; making it even tightly swingable!

But G.H. Hat is not only just a cool cat while improvising on the piano, G.H. Hat is pretty much, much, much more! For sure you should listen to G.H. Hat’s Soft Breeze (Laber Bris), a very nice and wicked tune in which the enjoyable side of early bird melodic synthesized music gets the pleasant treatment of being memorable in a melodic way. G.H. Hat throws in a whole showcase of different sounding instrument sounds that makes this tune like a fine discovery that never gets bored, even though it has this pop structure that could be the new ‘popcorn’ synthesizer hit of the now & future. The stable rhythm is the driving force of movement to it all & it sounds pretty much fantastic. Even so much, I would gracefully bow and take my hat off for it.

Unlike any other real life hats, this hat tastes like you want to hear more of it. Luckily G.H. Hat has more to explore over at the bandcamp account, like for example the other cool sounding pleasant tune that hides fiercely behind a interesting cover picture; Joyogistic. This tune sounds super electronic, very catchy and not at all yoga-like, unless it’s danceable techno yoga of the future of awesomeness. There might be no piano improvisations in here but the confident sound of G.H. Hat delivering this tune is definitely audible & this feeling of confidence is so interwoven into this tune that it feels like it’s boosting your own spirit up, ready to go out and rock the world in a electric way! I don’t know about you, but this is no cat in the hat trick; this G.H. Hat convinced me pretty much that this hat makes pretty awesome music!

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