Keywords:experimental pe schönobyl analog experimentalfeedback loop harsh noise noise pedalcore power electronics power electronix Berlin

Like a gritty mix between a asthmatic Darth Vader and a high pitched sandpaper DIY device this release starts. It might not be nice, or beautiful; but it does grabs the ears and perforates it enough to get the attention. The release simply slips into a heavier coat of extremity, piercing the ears as if it had some kind of beef with it; pretty deferment into making your inner parts bleed as a thank you gift for listening; it’s a weird present, but if you require it… it’s pretty much ready to damage your ears forever.

The breathing Darth Vader style is the only thing that might be the consistent savior of your sanity when even the nastiness flips into a psychedelic melodic glimpse, before totally giving into the case of destruction. The music growls like a hungry beast who simply can’t wait to fill your ears with your own boiling blood from the inside out. The tone of highness might be the sound of your heart flatlining on a hospital monitor as the calm torturous sound of asthmatic breathing might be the finest killers out there in audio form. If this comes across as very appealing to you I’m very pleased to pass you a pretty link:

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