Sonic Resonance – Flowing Resonance

Artist: Sonic Resonance
Title: Flowing Resonance
Keywords: field-recording, nature, sound bathing

Let’s follow the stream, the water flow in the middle of nature and enjoy the magical sounds of it. Absorb the beautiful view of the trees, the grass, rocks, and the blessing of a true blue sky that surrounds the stream & appreciate the color combinations. Too bad YouTube doesn’t provide the option to smell a video, otherwise the audio / visual experience would simply be perfect.

But there is a tiny game involved; a bit like ‘where’s waldo’ with ‘waldo’ being replaced by a professional field recorder’s microphone. When the beautiful sight within this video might overwhelm you & the tremendous wetness of the wildness of the little natural sounding water stream does its healing mystics upon the ears, this microphone is hiding somewhere in the visual spectacle. Can you find it, will your eyes be able to spot it through the eyes, or perhaps get enough hints through the ears to exactly find out where this microphone strategically had been placed?

Now you might think, why is there actually a microphone in the picture? Even though it’s a nice game & it does easily seemed to be blending in, it does feels a bit out of place… but no, this microphone had been there for a different reason than you might expected; the making of an album! The sound as heard in this video is not of the same quality as used in this album, but it is definitely the same watery stream that is used successfully within it.

The owner of the microphone and creator of the video

Of course the better sound quality reduces the feeling that might tickle your bladder upon listening to it, but it does sound like you are very much in this relaxing atmosphere of nature. If you close your eyes (be careful; don’t get confused and close your ears instead!) the recordings will take you to some place of peacefulness. The recordings get nice companionship with the calming sound of nice resonating bowls. It’s what the British trendsetters are calling ‘sound bath’ music, & with all these watery sounds it really feels almost as if you are actually there in this little stream, completely in the nude, skinny dipping in perfect relaxed mode into this sound bath. Absolutely worth to put the microphone out and about…

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!

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