Tooti – Miko

Artist: Tooti
Title: Miko
Keywords: electronic electronica girl layali miko music orangepop tooti Sweden
Reviewer:Simon Hit

You won’t believe how fruity Tooti’s single sounds. (That’s by the way a really nice tongue breaker ‘fruity tooti’s single sounds’) it’s one of those surprising moments in your life when tunning in unexpectedly to hear the kooky Miko, a tune that with its happy and jumpy melody makes you probably feel all jolly inside. It made me honestly think of a picnic party with jumpy forest animals all dressed up in their nicest gowns and flashy costumes, jumping up and down in excited forms; It’s a folksy party that might go a bit into the mental direction if played on repeat forever…

good for giggles and exploring the sound of a happy time; dancing around like your the magical mix between a lederhosen-person and a accordion player on drugs. It’s funny! This quirky Miko tune is the single representing the album named Layali, and as a source of surprise and happiness it really works to convince, to put on a detective hat and find that album; if all tracks are so fruity kooky fun as Miko than our prayers have been answered!

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