Artist: Hustle Flesh
Keywords:electronic ambient avant-garde canada chillwavedream experimental experimental electronic post-internet psychedelic sample-heavy shareware surrealvaporware vgm Windsor
Label:Museum of Skin
Reviewer: sexy joe

Hustle Flesh is back and sexier as ever! With a sexual sensual ‘stage select’ scene in which Hustle Flesh skinny dips us in vaporwave sounding hotness, you just know that the hustling of the flesh had really gone next level style. Hustle Flesh rubs in the fluffy aromatic creams and cheers us with good looking glasses spiked with ‘Spanish Fly’, as the freely available streams roll out like intimate scenes of touch and feel.

With a continuous slow intimate rhythmic movement Hustle Flesh really does it’s best to get us oiled up & fresh from pure aroused goodness. Hustle Flesh just massages body to body style with these slow inducing sex ordeals. Everything is smooth, cool, hot and preferably steamy. Bit by bit the hustler of the flesh might induce one on one orgasms that stuck these tracks together.

For me personally it kept on shimmering, but I’m sure if you are able to get your hands and ears on the complete album, that you might find yourself soaked in your own pleasure liquids from the pure sensual sounding production hustling with your fleshy parts.

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