Names – Programmed Pain

Artist: Names
Title: Programmed Pain
Keywords:experimental batman dark electronic gerritt wittmerjesse jackson San Francisco
Reviewer: a name

Did you know that Elton John’s name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight and Cliff Richard’s actual name is Harold Roger Webb? Neither did I, but reading books about names opened my eyes. Everything that is printed on paper looks so trustworthy and official, it must be true!

Other interesting things that I learned was this thing about real surnames that didn’t mean what they seem to be. Most notable name in the list was the surname that my friend Graham Boosey has… yes, that’s right ‘Boosey’… all this time I thought the name implied that the ancestors must have loved booze. But no, apparently ‘Boosey’ means ‘dweller near a cow stall’.

A nice interesting thing in the book of names was this part about immigrants who didn’t speak English. Apparently one bewildered man when asked by a official that he from now on had to be known by a new American name said that his old name was ‘Schon vergessen’ (already forgotten in German) which was than registered as Sean Ferguson… how awesome that is!

Now that I had read upon the meaning of the surenams of interviewer/friend Graham Boosey, I thought it was also pretty nice to mention the origin of the name Alex (as seen in our favorite reviewer Alex Spalding) apparently (if we believe the book) it’s a historically Greek name, coming from Alexander which means ‘defending men’… somehow a very fitting name for our Alex, even though he is more the kind of person who defends all humans and animals…

Also a nice mention is the origin of the name Patrick, as seen in noise maker and Trash Fuck label owner ‘Patrick Harsh’, which (according to the book) means a saint in Latin ‘a nobleman’… so fitting as Patrick Harsh for sure honors that name’s original meaning. I can’t stop writing about these interesting finds without mentioning the name as seen in our very own reviewer ‘Wayne Rex’… apparently ‘Wayne’ is a old English surname that means ‘wagon-maker’ ; bloody damn interesting, right?

Of course I had to spit through the entire book to find the origin of our favorite one and only head of comment ‘Linda’. Her name apparently is a old fashioned pet name coming from Belinda. It’s nothing to be really shocked about really, as well as the name Melody, who is the running girl behind the Electric Phantom label; apparently ‘melody’ is simply coming from the word ‘melody’ used as a name.

In any case ‘names’ are so incredibly interesting, so much so that if you decide to make music under the name ‘names’ you’d better be give it a really good swing to be your name’s worth. I think ‘Names’ out of San Francesco is pretty much worth it to be named ‘names’ as damn this ‘names’ sounds superbly interesting! The album ‘programmed pain’ is prettily weird, dark, enjoyable intriguing in a dark way. Some part of Names made me think of the artist who combined the names Marilyn & Manson doing a tribute to ‘the beautiful people’, but highly electronic, slowly creeping up with burping vocals, beer bottles breaking and interesting corners to hook your head in and ponder.

Talking about interesting names ‘Black Claw’ is also a great name. I would expect it to be a perfect name for a pirate with a black painted hook as a hand, but it’s also a great name for a track by ‘names’ , one that shivers under the skin, goes in like the perfect mix to still the darker needs. It’s remixed by another interesting name, one that is named ‘Orland Nutt’. ‘Douleur Programmee’ is also a track name on the album by ‘Names’ and is a remixed version done by another name of interest, Francisco Meirino. This mix shimmers so nicely, rhythmic slowness to sink in.

Born Of Knight’ sounds so cool, like a backdrop of croaky doors opening and closing, or perhaps an old wobbly chair or any other material that makes such a sound. Add Names it’s spooky whispering voice and some nice minimal synth pads on top & you have a real track name of interest over here! Speaking about names, names’s album is pretty much full of them. The last track named ‘resurrection’ has also the name of a remixer attached to it, if you want to know whose name this is & at the same time want to hear how this album by the king of names ‘Names’ sounds like, than please proceed to check and find out the answers at the following link:

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