Julian Oottavi – Secrets Telluriques / Music to Think

Artist:Julian Oottavi
Title: Secrets Telluriques
Keywords: new music, deep listening, gong experience
Label: Fibrr Records http://fibrrrecords.net

“Solo for Symphonic Tamtam”

Secrets Telluriques are going under my skin, zooming and buzzing calmly its drone tones of cold warmth; ah, such a nice perplexing mild temperature audio-size… It is like a humming wordless lullaby that calmly buzzes away in the inner realms of peaceful coexistence. It’s perfect for when you are out of it, completely floored like a professional junkie; taking the sounds up like a dry sponge soaking up water as sound. Ah, those secrets telluriques are pretty relaxing. Like a syringe unloading its paralyzing liquid into its willing user…

The person who shaped, created and defined them is Julian Oottavi. He must be a real drone person to style these Telluriques so nicely for our ears to slip & slide in. A professional of the audio kind in the highest order, one you can trust to give you the purest material, not cut up with ingredients that you don’t need or harm you in any way; it’s the pure stuff even though the ingredients are definitely secrets; these Telluriques are save and sound.

Artist: Julian Oottavi
Title: Music To Think
Keywords: automated environmental music, sound art
Label: NoizMutation http://fibrrrecords.net

Apparently the inventor of secret telluriques has much more ideas and inventions to be pulled out of his magic hat. One is a music machine that makes music with bell like sounds that changes pitch slightly, silences and pauses that gives you time to think. The release with the name ‘Music To Think’ is basically an unaltered recording of this machine doing its thing & is clearly an great attempt to modernize the sound-bath new age industry by showcasing that thoughtful musicians can now be replaced by machines like these…

the release is like a zen creator, clearly never showing a repetition, yet gives the sounds and the space to settle down, listen and think in; Julian Oottavi did a great job with his invention & I think with such a demonstration of the music machine it will be just a matter of time they will go in production for on the consumer’s market. Imagine everyone having a listen-think-bell-music-machine in the garden, bedroom, workplace, living room, temple etc; it would be a better place!


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