Furchick’s LittleBits Involuntary Orchestra – improvisation

Artist; Furchick’s LittleBits Involuntary Orchestra
Title: improvisation
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label:Outcome Unknown

Furchick’s LittleBits Involuntary Orchestra blows the ears away with the weirdest sound improvements that silence ever sacrificed itself for. I dont even know where to start, I can’t even describe the things that are happening or the sounds that this orchestra is producing; but it’s freaking awesome!

With totally odd nonsensical anti-music instruments a orchestrated mega work is doing away with all the classic rules by managing to bring a musically extremity that is possible the reason for a audiophile’s hardest hard-on! The mental mentality in this production steams up like a perfectly directed group that knows what they are doing, yet amazingly brings itself in a nonstop overwhelming bliss of pure improvisational recreation. It’s superbly intense, free-style jazz noise orchestral absurdness that blends the sound of clown whirled together with noises, enthusiastic well timed laughs & over the edge experimentation.

Furchick’s LittleBits Involuntary Orchestra sounds so amazing that it will make time fly by in no-time. As one compact block the LittleBits orchestra consisting of Furchick,, Rodrigo Kendrick , Kit Aliano , Vanessa Stasiw , Tatjana Seserko & Fiz Eustance have such a great energy and pleasure among them, that it’s hard (as a listener) not to feel enthusiast when blasting this into your ears! So if you are bored with Miles Davis, Vomir, Royal orchestras & Vangelis… please try this:

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