Fond memories of discovering the music of Bogdan Raczynski and co

Fond memories of discovering the music of Bogdan Raczynski and co

Are you ready and in the mood for some sentimental shit? You know; me just blabbing out sentimental shot with fond thoughts thinking back of the good old days? Well, you are in for a treat!

Once upon a wonderful time when most people would still buy physical records I had been wandering around a still exciting place of mystery; a record shop. It wasn’t the commercial one in which misses and mister smith would get their Abba shits and latest ‘greatest hits from insert whatever the year it was’ compilations; it was one of those record shops that had dimmed lights, boxes full of categorized CD’s, Vinyls, tapes and obscure mediums & the music that it stored was along the lines of non-music, adventurous music, anti-music, electronic freak music and they even had a metal / local band crap section. Got to love and cherish the local band crap, right? Looking at the customers they would be of the alternative kind, mostly dressed in uniformly-black cause that’s probably the color of being different.

There in that record shop I had found my own little corner, it just had a few boxes of my interest and the other serious looking people would usually not be bothered to stick their fingers in there to see what treasures had been patiently waiting. All looking at their best under a nice fresh layer of dust, all hopeful in order to be adopted into a caring home. It’s there that I drooled on Atari Teenage Riot, picked up the femme fatale music of Hanin Elias…
…looked at the funny artwork of Mike & Rich and shrug my shoulders, discovered some squarepusher, got myself this lazy wasted sunday album by Ovuca (oh gosh that was god) & most memorable; grabbed the samurai mathbeats of Bogdan Razcynzki & after that I came back for more of this funny polish man. In fact I came back and back and bought anything that I could find as this was really the shit!

What a joy it was to hear these fun weird beats, humorist parrot chanting and cute melodies & what a fun it was to sing loudly along with the funny lyrics! “Together doing ninja moves! Battles in outer space, fighting bastardly citizens! Hiijah!! Black belt style!

To me it was such a fine surprise to hear something with humor, energy and simply a thing that I could personally identify with. It felt like discovering a wild family member whose music I could feel as if it was made by my own kind. How lovely it is, this relief of not being the only nutter on the planet & most of all ‘as a musician’ how cool it is to not have to make the music that you want to hear as someone else had already made it!

Than Bogdan came to the neighborhood and I dragged my friends to the gig with the promise that this will be a night of heavy dancing & for sure all of us went mental; legs kick boxing high in the sky, heads bumping up and down, arms flying around like karate butterflies & even handstands had been included! It was like a healthy workout, one in which we pulled funny faces to each other, while Bogdan played his tunes while pulling even weirder faces; what a vibe, what a great time it was!

At home I home schooled myself the powers of the internet, discovering YouTube videos of this Bogdan Raszynski that had burned a great hole into my memory system. The one with the robot was memorable, the one with the green face thingy and… oh yeah, the one with the take away food; I really loved that video! I wasn’t the only one they discovered the joy of the music of this mad producer, who wanted to make drum n bass and came up with a much more enjoyable form of dance music!
Even to chill out, Bogdan supplied with an album that featured trumpets and I believe a accordion; it was really nice and I played it till the music player killed itself. In England I stumbled upon a vinyl thingy featuring a really nice funny epic weirdo tune that went absolutely mental speedy wise. And there was also some squeaky parrot sound on it somewhere.. I think it was called something on the line of ‘I eat your children’…
Now billions year later I’ve lost all my CD’s, vinyl, floppy discs, minidiscs, and tapes. But I still think fondly of this precious time of actually having physical things to have and play & the discovery of music being out there that do correspond with my own taste, feelings and vibes. So, yes… this isn’t an actual review, but more some sentimental moment in writing in which fond thoughts are being typed into writing. I think I just use this opportunity to say thank you to these artists that had rocked that part of my world. Thank you Hanin Elias, Atari Teenage Riot, Ovuca & mostly thank you Bogdan for making life a bit more fun and interesting! Superbly appreciated your part of the music and personal presence; it really was the best discovery & as I had money & visual releases still existed; I’m very happy & proud to have bought your physical shits! Much love & respect to you all!

thank you & bless you!

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  1. Linda says:

    Thanks for this nice memory trip! It made a really fun cake-inspiring gifgrond pre-party!

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