Fatal Erection – Alabama Beach House

artist: Fatal Erection
Title: Alabama Beach House
Keywords: experimental glitch microsound noise noisecoreMount Baldy
Label: School Water Fountain
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Normally the encounter of a Fatal Erection is a once in a life time encounter. Not that Fatal Erection isn’t able to give more fucks, but as the name implies; it’s pretty damn fatal. But the Alabama Beach House experience that is filled with short lived eruptions of this Fatal Erection might be long in its togetherness, the sheer shortness of each episode comes across as if the Fatal Erection had become a bit more like a flaccid erection. Not that it doesn’t get erected, it just can’t seem to keep it up for too long to provide that final poke in the eyeballs.

But who knows, many pokes makes up for the short moments of hardness, together as one these audio cum shots of Fatal Erection might be a hell of a killer whose fans won’t be able to survive & live to tell… One minute men’s are a luxury find compared to these blurbs over here, but still when you add many minutes together it might become something to live with, while collecting small squirts coming out of the Fatal Erection simply wants to illuminate its erection receivers… it might be that the Alabama Beach House is the last thing you experience, a nice location to receive the final fucks, in small doses at the time, but still pretty much ‘final’.
In any case there couldn’t be a more appropriate line to introduce this production than;

“Give it up for Fatal Erection”


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