Gerlov – Going Crazy: outtakes from rock bottom

Artist: Gerlov
Title: Going Crazy: outtakes from rock bottom
Keywords: experimental emoindie loveblues relationshipsyncLeiden
label: Smikkelbaard

Riding on a pink colored elephant who hold the tail of another elephant that stumbles in front of the one that I’m sitting on. It’s a bit wobbly, not the most comfortable way of transport, but somehow this is the only time I could find to squeeze this poppy release by a certain Gerlov up my ears. I would have shoved it up my ass if asses had the same functionality as ears, but unfortunately; they aren’t equipped for that… maybe in the future we will have more luck.

Anyway, riding on this pink elephant listening to Gerlov’s Going Crazy: outtakes from rock bottom’ is a really good match. It makes this temporary moment in my life much more pleasant, as if it is a pillow that sits between my bottom and the pink elephant’s back. It makes life a bit more pleasant if you know what I mean. But don’t actually sit on these tunes as the sound might become either unlistenable or simply a bit too muffled.

It’s best to do like what I’m doing on this pink elephant; listening it through handy headphones. Strange that it’s called headphones, as if it’s a phone that can ring in your head… it’s the music doing the calling! Better pick up, oh the phone is already on my head…

I like the song that sings about a man sitting in a chair. It somehow really appeals to me, not just the music, also the idea of being a man sitting in a descent chair and not on a pink elephant’s back. Imagine being a man in a chair wearing those headphones while listening to this song, that would be as if the song would be about you. A personalized tune that sings about you being in the chair; what a psychedelic weird eye-opening experience that must be!

Anyway if you had to be a man, in a chair or without; there might be a opportunity to experience a boring erection. As if Gerlov can read our minds (might the headphones phone out our thoughts?) he also made a song about these boring erections; creating a really awkward alternated universe experience when experiencing this song at the same time when such a erection appears.

I might not brag about it, but the whole wobbling around on the back of a pink elephant also gave me wood. Because I’m a man and riding on a pink elephant is pretty boring, yet the sign of the good high life; luxurious traveling in the jungle. It can’t get any better while listening to these pop tunes when there is a loved one sitting next to you on the pink elephant; if the tune comes up in which Gerlov sings something along the line of ‘all I ever think is you’ , it just goes over the edge of extra romantic appreciation in the moment.

I don’t know, there is obviously so much more to say about this album of poppy songs and tunes that (with a bit of fantasy and imagination) you probably could relate with, but as they say in life ‘Time is short’ and so is the reach of the nearest possible wi-fi connection… the pink elephant is simply walking away from it into the great unknown of possible a green bit filled with malaria infested mosquitos; living the high life of luxury! Have a listen at the link and do this in any position, life situation or moment that suits you the most:

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