Golden Leap – MOTHER EP

Artist: Golden Leap
Keywords: electronic electronica experimental experimental electronic United States

Electricity is a nice thing, it powers our houses, and more importantly charges our phones and electric chairs. It also seems to have powered the MOTHER EP by Golden Leap. I don’t really know for 390 percent sure that it was used by using electricity, but it doesn’t sound like it was made unplugged with hitting things inside a room that would make sound if there wasn’t electricity rubbed through them. Maybe they are battery charged, but isn’t that a form of electricity too? I should ask my Mother if I have a chance…

In any case, Golden Leap’s MOTHER might be a real electric lady, you know, better known as a episode of ‘electronic’ music. I have no idea why I used the ‘ ‘ things, cause I’m still pretty much sure it’s electronic music. It even tells that information in the tags of the EP; can’t go wrong over there! Also the Golden Leap artist is self described as an actual Electronic Music Artist Engineer; so pretty damn sure that it’s all about electric electronic music on this MOTHER EP.

I don’t really know what to tell about it, I mean I could say things like ‘nice’, and ‘you know it got kicks as beats’ and ‘melodies’, but hey that would be boring. Not the music having these elements, just the whole thing of me telling you these things. In fact I’m quite bored with telling you how things sound like, I mean after all we probably cater to people who are proud owners of ears, so what’s the point of us saying how things sounds like… well yes, if you don’t like electricity, electric electronics and enjoy more the sounds of someone hitting a piece of wood against a stone; you probably won’t really enjoy this… but if you do like electric music, why not embrace Golden Leap’s mother, smother your ears between her loving chest and try it out with your own ears? You certainly wouldn’t have too, but hell, why not? It’s better than trying to put your fingers into a electric socket!

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