HELL 1995 – Schizophobia

Artist: HELL 1995
Title: Schizophobia
Keywords:Griefcore, Noise, Ambient beat

HELL 1995 is insane, so it seems. That’s fine with me and probably you; it makes us feel more connected, as it might be one of the few things we have actually in common. We all respond to our insanity differently though, like ‘you’ being insane enough by reading this & me being insane for writing this & HELL 1995 for creating this album that has all these addictive titles of problematic personal problems that the artist seems so knowingly about.

HELL 1995 (nice year by the way..) cuts from ‘Autism’ and slides like it’s a piece of cake into a ‘Coma’. Music wise it hits the nails on the heads of these things. I’ve never experienced a coma, but I expect that even if you look all peacefully horizontal and non-moving, that the brain of a coma patient is pretty much very active, tripping balls or experiencing similar sound pulses that this hellish producer had cooked up for us.

Probably HELL 1995 had gained its knowledge about these subjects with the help of ‘Drug Addiction’. A destructive thing that ruins health and friend & family & financial situations; but does seem to have the benefit of liberating a person’s mind and beat it all t pulp at the same time. These are all a part of the ‘Life Problems’ that HELL 1995 is flushing through the tracks on this record & even the Harsh thing like a meltdown while experiencing a ‘Psychic Vector’ the artist had managed to nail.

HELL 1995 simply seems to know so much, so much about the subjects that it created stuff for. It must be hell to be the keeper of such informations and experiences, but that’s why our producing happy friend must have had a really great time putting these acts of ‘Schizophobia’ into sound expressions. It’s a bit like those click bait posts that promises drawings by some deranged artist that made a painting on every possible drug & showcases how the drug effected each drawing & drawing style; but than it isn’t clickbait and it’s active energetic mental brain intakes of the actual real thing. An attack of ‘Autism’ can be felt so clearly, the act of internal frustration and suffering from a schizophrenic could be felt so perfectly.

HELL 1995 might end this release with a track suggesting that this was all part of a ‘Wasted Life’, but if that’s the case I seriously concur; the producer’s life seriously had been very useful as without it we wouldn’t have such a incredible inside look of insanity in audio form, also we wouldn’t have anything nice to read over here (or write over here on the other side of the screen..) so yes, our mutual insanity is a welcoming thing & HELL 1995 must be appreciated. So are you, dear reader, I feel for you. Hope you feel for me and HELL 1995 too! Oh here is a link before any of us jumps out of a window;

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