Gifgrond 58 party report

First of all I have to apologize. Not because of my presence, but basically for my weak state of mind. You might wonder; why weak? Well let me tell you that it’s weak because of heavy alcoholic intake. I don’t know if that’s really an requirement, but somehow in this situation of reporting on last night’s Gifgrond party – it pretty much is. If you have the interest in to know how drunk Id kitcfyugfsbmdrunk I will tell you that even djjtjdkdkdsk…


Ah I’m Sorry, let met get some time to sober up…


Ah yes, hello! I’m here! Thanks for waiting so patiently for My return. Still not really sober, just got myself in the state to be able to read what I wrote. I did write a lot of diddly squat, but gosh that’s probably not what you wanted to read, but still ‘diddly squat’ is what you got. So who will I blame for being a incoherent mess? Gifgrond, of course! The only party that you could walk into drunk and walk out completely wasted! It’s such a magical mystery deal!

I thank the gifgrond girls and Linda (our head of comment) and Mischa (from Irrlicht Project fame) as they are the ones that kicked me over the barrier of daily alcohol allowance. There was this cake, you see? Linda and Mr. Irrlicht Project for delivering this beautiful delicious looking cake… it looked innocently delicious but the cake was obviously (and rightfully so) filled with hard liquor! It was a bit as if the hard pre-drinking was the chair, this cake was the noose around the neck and kicking away the chair; a pretty hardcore cake eating experience on the glorious Gifgrond grounds!

They offered this poisonous cake on the 58th gifgrond party, (the only party in the entire world that is always awesome) and one slice pretty much blacked me out before the whole thing had even started. But thanks to my lessons of self hypnosis I’ve managed to recall some parts of the evening. Like for example the performance of… what’s the name? Ah that’s right ; Enright! Freaking hell that was awesome! So awesome that I just flipped my lid, popped a popsicle and lost my marbles on the dance floor. Oh and I remember falling hardly in love too, I’m not only weak for alcoholic substances but for guys with pretty sounding voices I’m pretty much a drooling sponge that soaks such a person up as if it’s liquid gold! What a melted banana this Enright had turned me into… gosh I was so wasted that I can’t remember shit other than that it was obviously horny-makingly sick!

Considering my state of memory loss I have to refresh my mind by browsing their website & invite you to do the same:
I obviously don’t know shit & have a huge hole in the memory department in this specific episode of the gifgrond party, but I do remember the appearance that I had been looking forward too; Big Debbie! I remember seeing & hearing Big Debbie before at another earlier gifgrond party , but never did Big Debbie sounded so good as Big Debbie did on the 58th Gifgrond party. Freaking hell, Big Debbie sounded so good; I remember dropping my pants, dancing around in the nude, jumping and humping what was left over of the cake and going absolutely mental with the amazing performance of the Big Debbie thing! I remember it being superbly sexy, with lots of bananas in tight underpants, swimwear and singing and energy; but at the same time it was really all a big blur… I certainly loved Big Debbie though; I could use some Big Debbie every day! Luckily there is still this abracadabra album around to dance the incoherent mess away with:
I don’t remember much, but do remember that Linda (our head of comment) was completely loving the other live act of the evening… what was the name? Was it Beast Nest? Yeah, that might have been it! I think that was actually the moment that my world’s roof had come down, like a complete black out from poisonous cake and innocent intoxicating liquids along with impressive music experiences! I can’t remember much, but I do remember me not being the only one going berserk; I have a flashback of Linda ‘the head of comment’ hanging on the ceiling, rolling around on the floor in a puddle of mystery drinkables and the good old gifgirls (who organized the whole spectacle) hopping over eachother’s backs like happy rabbits on a summer’s day! Now that I think if it, the performance of Beast Nest had basically turned the party visitors in little party beasts! You could become such a beast from the comfort of your home by playing any of the albums at the following link:

There was also this insanely mad party set by a regular favorite face on the Gifgrond party circuit; DJ Down The Rabbit Hole! This DJ set was not only literally on fire, it was also completely out of control! So much liberty in danceable music form; really kept the room spinning! (Or was it the alcohol and the liquor-pie?)

Anyway, Gifgrond… you have done it again! Can’t wait for the next one!

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2 Responses to Gifgrond 58 party report

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you for writing the review of the party! ❤ ❤ ❤ I had forgotten all, everything was one big mystery when I woke up. Our self made vanille extract was the secret ingredient to the cake! The flakey blue bits in it appeared after a few months, it totally adds to the experience 😀

    Next time, we'll try to brew come good sober-up coffee too. I'll just have to come up with the right secret ingredient. Cat-poo coffee seems to be the best, but I think chicken-poo coffee may be better….

    • kainobuko says:

      Ah the vanilla extract always seems to be the thing that knocks the socks off! Still recovering from the cake and the gifgrond party… drinking my own brew of chicken poop right now; makes me want to knit a brown sweater on the toilet BUT also managed to open the closed eyes! Thanks for the cake and the tip! Btw loved your dancing!!!

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