Ippu Mitsui – L + R

Artist: Ippu Mitsui
Title: L + R
Keywords: experimental electronica pop rock… United Kingdom
Label: Bearsuit Records

All rise and shine as today it will be a very good day. Only thing you have to do is play and discover this playful electronica album with its positive energy vibes, wildly beats and bright remedies that come in the shape of melodies. It really fits the first rays of bright morning sun-rays that are penetrating the open windows over here, a happy energetically lovable fun album that smiles to you in groovy happy ways & makes you want to stand up, smile and dance bombastically among any situation that you are situated in. Need a secure cure for a heavy hangover? Spin this album and the train-wrack mind is instantly cured with happiness.

So many tracks are all seemingly prepared to lift your mood up & all of them have their very own unique ways to do so. ‘Patch Up’ does it with its big slow house glitchy minimal style of coolness & yet insane mellowness. ‘Small Rider’ does it with its bombastic beats and loving melodies & Bug Wings bangs so nicely on the frontal glance that coffee might not be needed to stay alive today. ‘Break Through 50 Watt’ simply holds out for our hands and takes them on a finger snappy dance that you can feel all the way in your ankles, it’s lush with its repetitive synth sounds flying on top but the rhythm is invitingly bouncy; rabbits would love it!

‘Fine Spine’ gives you something energetic to lean up against, a good tempo and a melody that reminds of the Prodigy’s early ravers commercial hit; you’l probably hear it when you hear it… ‘Gray Zone’ sounds as if it’s somewhere in between; in between the other tracks, in between beat and in between music… ‘Bottle Neck U’ seems to be perfect butt buddies with the Gray Zone, but ‘In My Mind-Kokoro’ takes a more shimmering approach, some big beat with mumbling electric words and a chilled out mellowing environment; pretty much the chillest tune on the album.

After the in between parts the L + R is back alive again with another happy take of Bug’s Wings & a tune named ‘Random Memory’ which smirks around with a certain oddness and piano-esque material trapped in cyber avant-garde laser materials; stuff to raise eyebrows for. But most outwards happiness comes when the album says goodbye with a final moment of positive happiness that swings quickly and funnily with a raspy play thing named ‘quick 919’… get this fine moving album over at the following link:

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