One Eyed Jack – What ‘m I Getting High On?

Artist: One Eyed Jack
Title: What ‘m I Getting High On?
Keywords: alternative cantautore indie rock pop progressiveSuisio
Label: Fil 1933 Group

You got to be respectful with people with a visual handicap & believing that One Eyed Jack has only one eye; I’ll be writing this piece of words with soft velvet gloves on. How nice! The album title is more of a question and a invitation for a interactive game than a proper concrete album title. It goes like this; What ‘m I Getting High On?

I know you could have read it above already, after the ‘title’ and the double dots-bit; but hey, in case you had missed it (not everyone has two eyes, you see…) it was nice to repeat it again… so respectful are we! But yes… what ‘m getting high on?

...what ‘m getting high on?
maybe this music abd music video?

It’s a difficult question, I mean you probably know what you are getting high on, just as I know what I could be getting high on… but what about the One Eyed Jack? It’s a real guess, I guess. Listening to the album with all its tracks it might be a couple of things; probably One Eyed Jack gets high on smelling like teenage spirit, armpit odor from heavy guitar playing, drummer’ sweat and ‘singing’. Maybe there is also coffee involved, not the decaf one, but the liquid material with caffeine in there… although certain songs suggest that One Eyed Jack had mixed up the caffeine and was actually drinking decaf instead; it’s a tricky game! (Especially with one eye…)

Maybe the titles of the involved tracks on this album have hints that explain what One Eyed Jack is getting high on. Maybe One Eyed Jack gets high on the edge of the soul, dog fights and drama shits. I hope for One Eyed Jack that whatever it is that the One Eyed is using to get high on, doesn’t make him shit blood. I mean as if having one eye isn’t enough trouble to deal with… luckily One Eyed Jack has clearly the good looks and can certainly play multiple instruments and sing at the same time. Deeply listening to the tune that made me think of One Eyed Jack shitting blood makes me think that he actually might be addicted to playing life, even though One Eyed Jack hates it if you watch him play, even though he acknowledge to be a beautiful child. I guess it must be a common thing for One Eyed people to be stared at, creating uncomfortable situations for the person that they stare at with both eyes… I can imagine that it is even worse when One Eyed Jack starts to shit blood on stage; a spectator wet dream!

Maybe the cover explains what is making One Eyed Jack high? Chickens! That’s a pretty turn on for me too, seeing chickens with two eyes makes me casually so high as a kite, but if you had to see two chickens through one eye, the whole chicken intake would be even more concentrated; creating a super high shot of chicken intake! There is three chickens on this cover; so One Eyed Jack is probably pretty serious at the getting high business! Definitely not chickening out!

So I guess that might be the answer on the question of what One Eyed Jack is getting high on? But maybe it’s much simpler; maybe One Eyed Jack gets high from playing and making music; it’s a common drug among people that make music. Also One Eyed Jack made a whole album full of it, something’s hard and voluptuous & others more calm. It’s of the ‘alternative rock pop’ genre, so if that’s what you like to smoke or inject in your veiny ears to get your kicks; One Eyed Jack provides! And if you need that extra push; try combing the music with looking at the chickens on the front cover; you’ll get so high and can do the whole ‘what ‘m getting high on?’ Game all over again! Respect the One Eyed Jack!
<high person with two eyes>

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